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The Children Belong to the City Playground project builds on existing efforts to connect children at the Burlington Children’s Space and local outdoor spaces including the Intervale gardens and walking paths, local community garden sites, public parks and green spaces, and the city’s waterfront. The focus of this project is the development of a new playground for The Burlington Children’s Space incorporating elements from public spaces around the city that promote open ended play, physical challenges, and interest in the natural world throughout the seasons. Children, teachers, and parents will be involved in various outings to observe, play, and collect ideas. The process provides many opportunities for children, teachers and parents to share healthy activities such as neighborhood walks, visits to parks and gardens, and open ended outdoor play.

Become a Part of BCS- Join our Board of Directors

5 Reasons to Join the Board of Burlington Children’s Space:

Be A Part Of History In The Making:  BCS has been a community cornerstone for 25 years, offering Chittenden County’s only tuition sliding scale and creating unique partnerships with Head Start,  EEE,  and the HowardCenter for Early Childhood Mental Health to meet the diverse needs of families.    

Support The Arts:  BCS actively promotes children as active participants in a vibrant arts community through exhibits of children’s art work, photographs,  and documentation.

Be an Innovator:  BCS has adopted a progressive philosophy of education from Reggio Emilia, Italy focusing on the unique potential of each child where teachers, children, and parents work together to develop curriculum.  This summer BCS breaks ground on a new playground,  designed by children, their families and community members.

Combat Childhood Hunger:  BCS is part of an innovative pilot program encouraging child care programs’ participation in a federally funded food program.  BCS serves 600 healthy meals and snacks per week, works with local farms and producers, maintains a community garden,  hosts bimonthly family dinners, and supports a food blog ( bcslunchlady.blogspot.com).

Feel Important:  The skills and commitment of Board members provide critical support for BCS’s ability to provide a 5 star,  NAEYC accredited  program,  raise over $250,000 in grants and donations,  nurture 50 children and their families, and advocate on behalf of young children.  It could not be done without you!

Find out more at the
Second Annual  Board Mixer / Garden Party
Thursday, July 29,  2010
Home of Pamela Moreau – Board President
61 Henry St.
Burlington, VT 05401

RSVP 802 658-1500 Ext.  13