Welcome to the process, this project is ongoing.....

The Children Belong to the City Playground project builds on existing efforts to connect children at the Burlington Children’s Space and local outdoor spaces including the Intervale gardens and walking paths, local community garden sites, public parks and green spaces, and the city’s waterfront. The focus of this project is the development of a new playground for The Burlington Children’s Space incorporating elements from public spaces around the city that promote open ended play, physical challenges, and interest in the natural world throughout the seasons. Children, teachers, and parents will be involved in various outings to observe, play, and collect ideas. The process provides many opportunities for children, teachers and parents to share healthy activities such as neighborhood walks, visits to parks and gardens, and open ended outdoor play.

Preparing for the opening

Last Saturday we were graced with sun, crisp air, and 15 terrific volunteers who moved soil, carried concrete scraps to the dumpster, and spread 4 yards of wood chips on the new section of the playground.

From the youngest ( 2 years old) to the oldest ( 73 years young) we worked our hearts out for a few sweet hours.

All of our hard work paid off this morning when Saturday's youngest volunteers cut the construction tape that has kept children out of the work zone for three months.


The whole school took a little tour of the new space, dropping the babies off at the baby garden and moving on to test out the tree house. We rarely have every child in the school outside at the same time, but today's ribbon cutting was worth the stretch- a few groggy babies watched out the window while we tested the capacity of the tree house and confirmed it has an upstairs and a down stairs!

The Tree House Materializes

It's always a good time when someone brings a chain saw to preschool. We have all grown accustomed to looking out the windows each morning to see when B'fer and Chris will arrive and what tools they will unpack. In just a few short weeks the tree house has gone from an empty spot of ground to a beautiful structure that has captured everyone's imagination.

The tree house and infant garden have completely changed a space that used to house a broken fence and some patchy grass. It always seemed a little bit dark and under used. The peeled bark and cedar decking lighten the space and provide a perfect stage for the shadow play the afternoon light makes coming through our four locust trees. Suddenly everyone wants to be at this end of the playground.

Our feelings of elation have been mixed with sadness as we realize the process is moving much too quickly- we forgot B'fer and Chris will have to move on to another project when ours is finished. We won't be able to start the morning by watching them unpack their tools and they won't be here to see what unfold when the tree house is inhabited by the children. When we raise the money to construct the ramp for the tree house will will invite them back again.